september 9 2006


Here you will find a list of our guests with their planned day and time of arrival. This page is intended to help guests coordinate car transportation to and from Vejer with other guests.

Please indicate whether you are looking for others to share a car rental when you RSVP, and we will note it here. We can also publish your email here, if you don't mind other guests contacting you directly about transportation arrangements.

(Please note: this site is not public. It is only accessible to guests who have received the web address).

Jake and Rubria
Arrival Vejer: Sept. 3
Departure Vejer: Sept 11
Confirmed Guests:

Dino Fabiano

Claudia Fabiano

Angelo Fabiano

Lise Hejlesen

Steen Frederiksen

Emilie Hejlesen

Peter Gotfredsen

Uno Weber

Jeannette Weber

Laurenz Rothweiler

David P. France

Beatrice Gay Lang

Stephane Gay Lang

(Gregory Gay Lang)

Hrafnhildur Smaradottir

Alexander Wiik

Yana Wilkinson

Thomas Wilkinson

(Mini Wilkinson)

Merche Castano

Roberto Soto Leon

Ulrike Blechschmidt

Martin Neubert

Claus Neumann

Petra Neumann

Kenneth Pedersen

Sidsel Pedersen

Natalia Preston

Jared Preston


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